Essential Chronology

When Was the Watergate Scandal?

The Watergate Scandal was a major scandal that occurred in the 1970s following a break-in at the Democratic National Convention headquarters at the Watergate office complex in DC. Below are some of the major events that occurred following the initial break-in.

June, 1972 Break-in of DNC Offices in Watergate Hotel
September, 1972 Seven Burglars indicted, including Howard Hunt, Gordon Liddy and James McCord
January, 1973 All Defendants pled guilty or were convicted after trial
February, 1973 Senate Ervin Committee established
March, 1973 Break-in defendants sentenced
McCord letter to Judge Sirica publicized
Dean retained Kennedy-clan counsel
May, 1973 Archibald Cox appointed Special Prosecutor
March, 1974 Seven Cover-up Defendants indicted, including John Ehrlichman, Bob Haldeman and John Mitchell
August, 1974 President Nixon resigned
September, 1974 Nixon pardoned by President Ford
January, 1975 Four Defendants convicted in Cover-up trial, including Ehrlichman, Haldeman and Mitchell
Dean freed from confinement
June, 1977 Special Prosecutor closed office

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